Food Glorious Food

Food isn’t the answer to everything, but it certainly helps; especially if the food in question is chocolate, pizza or cake. If I’m going to teach something new or difficult, then I often come armed with food – it’s amazing what even the most reluctant student is prepared to have a go at, if there is a reward for doing your best.

Today’s mission was fractions. Fantastic I thought! Despite not being a maths teacher, this was a maths topic I knew that I could engage my students in. I was well prepared. I’d spent a couple of hours over the weekend creating worksheets with pictures of my students’ favourite characters and a little bit of crazy humour in them. We have a somewhat unusual sense of collective humour, so apologies to those that read them and think they are a little too bonkers for your taste. Feel free to edit as desired if you’d like to use them, and tone down my humour where needed.

Leaving the house this morning though, I decided that exciting as my worksheets were something more was needed. Hence my quick fire stop on the way to work; resulting in a cheese and tomato no frills pizza, a lemon sponge cake, a bag of popcorn and an apple. Ready made visuals for the teaching of fractions; less than £3 spent and it took me less than five minutes to nip to the shop. Well worth the resulting levels of engagement from my students: fantastic work was produced, the students understood fractions, job done for another day!

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