Smile If You’re Happy

This is a differentiation tip that anyone can do; even better it takes no preparation, no special knowledge and no marking! All you have to do is smile if you’re happy. Yes, really. It really is that simple.

Students with ASD often struggle to read people’s emotions, and many worry that if you’re not overtly happy – then you must be sad – or even worse cross at them. So please; greet students with a smile, smile when you look at their work, smile when you look at them and smile when you say goodbye.

After all, think how nervous you feel if whoever is observing your lesson sits at the back with a blank expression. Do you perform at your best? I know I don’t. Our students are no different; if they think you like them and are happy with them, they will feel more relaxed, and if they are relaxed they are far more able to concentrate on learning.

So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose. Take out that smile and see the results for yourself!

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